Professional Installers of Quality Window Frosting in Perth

Perth Stripes & Signs offers superior window frosting and frosted window signage to a wide range of clients throughout Perth. Get in touch with our knowledgeable staff now to learn why frosted window film or graphics film could be the right solution for you, whether you want window graphics for privacy, branding or purely for aesthetics.

Frosted Glass Signage

Frosted window film is often referred to as etched vinyl and is the perfect solution for large glass panels. Frosted or graphics film can be applied to the internal or external window surfaces, adding a level of privacy compared to clear glass.

With a life span of more than 10 years, our glass film can be customised to include a logo to promote your business brand, making it a fantastic solution with multiple advantages at a competitive price.

Frosted Window Film

Get custom frosted window signage from Perth Stripes and Signs, whether you are simply looking to protect privacy or want to promote your business with branded window films. Whatever your intentions, Perth Stripes and Signs can deliver high-quality products that truly match your needs.

With such cost-effective solutions that involve minimal disruption in your building, window frosting is the ideal way to add impactful signage to your business premises. Speak to our team today to discuss your needs.

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Is Frosted Glass Cheaper Than Glass?

Frosted glass isn’t necessarily cheaper or more expensive than clear glass. With Perth Stripes and Signs’ frosted window film, you can easily turn your clear glass into frosted glass without even having to remove the glass from your car. Our graphics film is easy to install and can be added to your existing window panes with minimal hassle.

Is Frosted Glass Enough for Privacy?

Frosted glass offers exceptional privacy while still allowing light to filter through the windows. It distorts the view enough to mean that no one can see in, while still enabling you to have a bright, daylight-filled space.

What is the Difference Between Frosted Glass and Opaque Glass?

Frosted glass will still allow a significant amount of light into a room, while opaque glass will keep out most of the light. Therefore, frosted glass is an ideal option for maintaining a pleasant and healthy workplace whilst ensuring privacy.

Complete Window Frosting Signage Service

Let the Perth Stripes and Signs team provide you with a complete frosted glass signage service according to your requirements. We work with you to understand your needs and provide frosted window film to exactly the specifications of your building’s windows. This ensures a perfect fit for your glass frosting, with branding that is the right size and placement to catch the eye of anyone passing by.

Contact Perth Stripes and Signs for a professional glass frosting solution from your local signage and graphics specialists. We’re available to talk on 08 9249 9393, so get in touch to ask for a free quote.