Digital Printing

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The Perth Stripes and Signs team is your local digital printing specialist with over 30 years of industry experience.

We have invested in industry-leading printers where the output is sharp, the detail is crystal clear, and the overall result is second to none.

Our digital printing produces vibrant colours and tints that are clean and photographs with deep tones, allowing detail even in shadow areas,  with just the right balance of contrast.

Perth stripes and signs - Digital printing poster

Poster Printing

Our modern digital printers enable us to produce a wide range of different poster sizes.

We can print up to A0 in black and white or in full colour, and we use digital printing methods to ensure the very best results. You can even use our talented in-house designers to help refine your message and attract the crowds to your business, event or promotion.

Canvas Printing

Bring your prints or artwork to life with our large-scale canvas printing.

Canvas printing can be used in so many ways and is perfect for display graphics as it’s an affordable and long-lasting product. Our canvas printing machine can take any image or graphic and digitally overlay it onto the canvas stretched around a frame. One of the best features of canvas printing is its super lightweight structure allowing it to be attached to almost any surface.


How Does Digital Printing Work?

If you are asking ‘how does digital printing work?’ we are here to help. In contrast to lithographic printing, which transfers an image from printing plates to paper using wet ink, digital printing uses numerical and formulaic processes to construct the final print-ready pictures. Images are taken digitally from pixels and the digitised version is then utilised to regulate the amount of ink, toner and exposure required to print the desired picture.

What Is the Digital Printing Process?

In the digital printing process, a picture is supplied to the printer in digital form such as a (PDF). The image is digitised into a grid of small dots, or pixels and then printed. The toner is applied to the material with the help of electrostatic rollers called “drums,” and then it is fused to the surface with the help of heat and pressure. Vinyl, paper and canvas are just some of the materials that can be used for digital printing. If you are still wondering ‘what is the digital printing process?’ you can contact Perth Stripes and Signs.

What Is Digital Vinyl Printing?

Digital vinyl printing allows for large-format, full-color prints that can be laminated and cut. Printing on vinyl is a versatile and high-quality option for vehicles, buildings and windows, both inside and out.