Building Signage in Perth: Make a Lasting Impression 

Vibrant Branding | Eye Catching | Long lasting Solutions

Boost your brand’s visibility and captivate your audience with exceptional building signage solutions from Perth Stripes and Signs. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering vibrant, eye-catching and long-lasting building signs that showcase your business, school, event or promotion. Experience top-quality building signage in Perth with our comprehensive range of services. 

Wall Graphics: Transform Your Space 

Over the years, we have developed a revolutionary approach to wall graphics, providing our clients with long-lasting graphics that withstand the harsh Perth climate. Transform your walls into an advertising space with stand-out commercial building signage. 

Building Signage in Perth

Floor Graphics: Enhance Safety and Branding 

Safety-conscious and versatile, our floor graphics are ideal for shopping centres, restaurants, airports and more. Incorporate your logo and branding into these eye-catching designs, or even transform your garage floor at home. Embrace the growing popularity of floor graphics with Perth Stripes and Signs.

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Vinyl Banners: Portable and Customisable 

When you need to stand out, our vinyl banners offer portability, design versatility and a range of styles to ensure your business gets noticed. All our banners are customisable, UV-protected and finished with welded hems and eyelets for easy hanging or fixing. We recommend our windproof mesh to withstand the elements for outdoor use. 

3D Graphics: Make an Impact 

Take your brand awareness to the next level with 3D graphics on your building. Optional LED lighting ensures your message stands out for miles. Suitable for internal and external use, our 3D graphics and building signs can be securely applied to almost any surface. 

Perth stripes and signs Apollo risk services 3D Graphics work

Reception Building Signs: Create a Lasting Impression 

First impressions are crucial and our innovative reception signs help you put your best foot forward. Choose from 3D lettering, LED lighting, etched screens and other attractive designs to make a memorable impact on your customers.  

Commercial Building Signage: Maximise Your Exposure 

A custom-designed street sign is ideal for your business to stand out and maximise street exposure. Our creative team will work within your council and build by-laws to design the most effective sign for your business. 

From parking signs and real estate signs to information and safety signs, trust Perth Stripes and Signs for all your commercial building signage needs. Contact us online or call us on 08 9249 9393 to begin your journey with us today. 


What Makes Building Signage Effective?

To make effective building signage in Perth, it is important to think about colour, brand consistency and clear, concise messaging. Colours should make your sign easy to read while also fitting with your brand identity, while the copy should be easy to understand almost immediately. Finally, your signage should be the right size for its location and surroundings.

How Much Does Building Signage Cost?

Building signage and building site signage can vary hugely in terms of size, complexity and materials, as well as design, so the cost will be based on a combination of these factors. You can contact Perth Stripes and Signs for a free quote on building site signage.

What Materials Can Be Used for Building Signage?

Building signage in Perth can use a wide variety of materials, which should be determined based on the intended application. Vinyl banners may be used for portability, whilst wall graphics might be perfect for permanent displays that need to stand the test of time. Our team will be able to advise you.